What Can Be Delivered To Me?

What Can Be Delivered To Me?

Join our Amazing Team

We want you to be a part of our family!
We are a family run company, striving to deliver a fantastic celebration experience to our customers country wide. Our business has grown in ways we couldn’t have ever thought possible, thanks to the hard work and creativity of our teams.

The perks of the job

Bring your friends

Referral bonuses for bringing people into the Lola’s family.

Develop yourself

You’ll find opportunities to join an English language course, or a budget for courses to focus on things that are important to you.

Grow with us

Opportunity for rapid progression. Many of our managers started at the bottom (now we’re here).

Choose your equipment

We know some people are apples and some are oranges, so we let you choose what you’d like.

Days out and events

Go karting, Minig golf, Food events or just pub lunch

Monthly Bonus

If you go the extra mile and do outstanding work, you''ll receive something back for it. Many depts have monthly bonus schemes.

Cycle to work

On ye'r bike - We want to do as much as we can for the planet and help you stay healthy, using the tax efficient cycle to work scheme

Discounts on everything

On cakes, cupcakes, flowers and everything else.

Birthday on us

Why work at a cake company if you don't get a cake on your birthday

Look to the future

We have a great pension scheme in place so you won't have to worry about your future.

Parents welcome

We take maternity and paternity leave very seriously and have great schemes in place to support you

Paid Birthday off

Go and enjoy yourself...

Plus many more...!

Some of the perks differ depending on your role within the company.


We care deeply about the impact that our bakery and delivery vehicles have on the planet, and believe in the importance of constantly enhancing Lola’s sustainability in these areas. The values of Sir David Attenborough, namely securing a greener future for future generations, are a source of inspiration and guidance to us and ones that underpin our attitude towards our planet. Check out our approach to the environment and team wellbeing here.


Everything we set out to achieve at Lola’s all starts with our people. We are guided by the value of responsibility to ensure a positive, safe and meaningful experience free from harm for our people and when they come in to work, have fun, and feel comfortable in being themselves. This extends to our suppliers and supply chain too.


Trust is the lifeblood of our business, and our customers relying on us for their celebrations big or small is what keeps us focused and motivated. For us, the trust of our customers always comes first and acts as a shining light for our teams, from our brilliant bakers to our determined delivery drivers. Trust is the magic ingredient at Lola’s, and only with the trust of our customers can we win together.


Since we were founded in 2006, Lola’s has always been, and continues to be guided by a committed focus towards developing and sustaining products of the absolute highest quality.

In a world where speed and machines are increasingly seen as king, we believe strongly in the power of handmade artistry and creativity. Our brilliant bakers handbake using only the finest ingredients which translates into our iconic Lola’s taste, present in all of our product ranges.


For us our good ethics are what makes Lola’s a special place to work. Ethics means always committing ourselves to do the right thing for our customers, people, and society, even if that means we stand out! Ethics means caring for our working environment, and showing our people and customers kindness, respect and dignity.

Need a hand? Customer support telephone: 0330 058 9525

Customer support telephone:
0330 058 9525